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New Repeater Linking SubForum

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New Repeater Linking SubForum

To the AREDN Community

Welcome to the Repeater Linking VoIP sub-forum.

Interest in repeater linking over the Mesh is increasing. Since repeater linking is a specialized form of VoIP, it makes sense to have under the general VoIP Banner.

Pretty much anything relating to linking repeaters together over the Mesh is welcome. This would be topics relating to

  • IRLP
  • EchoLink
  • AllStar
  • DMR
  • others

There's a lot of experience already out there and this is the place for newcomers to tap into that experience.


Mark, N2MH


Hi Mark:

Hi Mark:
Thanks for setting this subforum up. As one that has successfully used AREDN Mesh and ALLSTAR to link repeaters together this is a good place to discuss this. Waiting to hear more  and I can share my experience in doing this as well.  

is there any way to add echolink to your mesh? If so how do you do that?
How to guides
Hi Mark,
This is a great idea!  I am waiting for approval from the city to get access to a remote site where I want to install a Pi running AllStar for the repeater and then have to bring that back to my place via AREDN.  I know you have done this but have mentioned there is devil in the details. If we were (over time, as it's a hobby) to have how-to files available for common scenarios like this it would be a great resource.
73, Adrian

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