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New Production Code vs Dev code

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New Production Code vs Dev code

With new production code being released (, I have a few questions on how it relates to the development releases:

1. Are the security patches included in the development code (165 as of this writing)?

2. Have any new features, enhancements, etc. in  the development code made their way into the production code or is this in the future?

3. In addition to the new recommendations for upgrading tunnel nodes, is there any recommendation for the "Save Settings" checkbox?

To the Team: keep up the good work!

73, Mark, N2MH

Well I thought we had an
Well I thought we had an article for most of this already but I can't find it so I'll go ahead and put the following below:

Stable Version Number Scheme
<protocol version>.<year of first release>.<major release in that year>.<patch number>

​Protocol Version = AREDN Protocol version, every node on a connected mesh must be running the same protocol version.  Every 3.x.y.z release will talk to any other 3.x.y.z release successfully

​Year of first release  = The year the major release first made its debut. Generally this should be the year it goes stable, but there are possibility/edge cases where a release may hold a 17 in 2016 when its known it wont make it out in time before end of year, or where a 17 could show up in 2018 because release before end of year was miscalculated. Generally however this will be the year the major release was done in.

​Major Release Number = This is an integer that counts up each time a major release occurs in a year.   A major release includes new features, bugfixes, etc. 

​Patch Number = This is an increment on top of the Major Release, these releases do not carry new features, they exist solely to patch known issues, these are not feature addition builds. Anyone running a A.B.C.x relelease should be able to trust its safe to uprgrade to any A.B.C.y release and experience no changes (except for a flaw resolution). Flaws could be anything from flaws in the build itself or more likely, security releases like  These releases always maintain the original Protocol, Year, and Major number of the release they are based off of but the patch number is increased each revision.

​What this means is is "It is the first patch of the 1st major release in 2016 and speaks protocol version 3"

​The development build changelog is the best place to review for the development build status of what is or isn't in that build: 
​Whatever that log says was done is what was done. It is always possible for code that goes into a patch build not to make it into development/nightly branch (because the relevant feature is no longer used,  its being patched in a separate branch or one of the various code freezes that goes on throughout the development cycle)

​Nows a good time for me to re-mention that the nightly snapshots are not ever guaranteed for stable usage. Its generaly expected if one is running the nightly build they will be able to read the git code logs themselves to understand what is being done and where and how the dev cycle is looking  to avoid the core team from spending time answering questions on alpha quality code.

​Regarding the note on tunnels; This is mainly an advisory for core restrictions that have (generally) been advised but have been found to need the software to enforce. In future versions it won't be an option and nows a good time to get use to it.

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