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New node in the North East

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New node in the North East
Just set up a test point for my area, I'm based in Newcastle upon Tyne. currently there is just myself and another operator 3 miles away, I'm hoping others in my area or tunneled into my node to expand the use of Aredn in the UK as it is quite lacking in users.

currently looking at deploying a PBX voice and web hosting on the network once I've worked out how to use it correctly.

Belated response.

Hi Scott.
A little late I know but not had much time for the mesh until recently.
Life always seems to get in the way.
A group of us in Lancashire and North Manchester are in the process of re-establishing our mesh network which consists of myself G7DNM Darwen, M0TCO Rochdale, M0LDZ Rochdale and M0ICS Heywood.
Three nodes are linked by RF and my node being the most distant is linked by tunnel link which is hosted on the server at my end.
If you would like to link to our mesh I can add you to my tunnel server if you wish.
We are experimenting with most of the usual things others have been doing but are also making progress operating USB devices over Aredn which has some interesting possibilities.

Best regards.
Eddie de G7DNM

still up?
Still up?
Still up and running
Testing a bit of new kit for remote usb connections.

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