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New node above Sierra Madre

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New node above Sierra Madre

On August 8th we installed a new 5GHz AREDN node above Sierra Madre in Bailey Canyon. It is a little higher up than what is shown on the AREDN live map. It is on channel 168, 10MHz bandwidth. The purpose is to cover the area of the San Gabriel Valley that can't hit the MT Wilson node because it is in the shadow of Mt. Harvard. The node was put in as part fo an Eagle Scout project from a local Boy Scout troop and has been almost two years in planning, raising funds, and to get all the necessary approvals. Eventually we got it approved as an essential infrastructure project with the city to allow it to go in during the pandemic. Node name: WM3SH-RKM5S-S120-SM11-BAILEY

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You said that the location on
You said that the location on the map is not quite right.  Is the location that the node is reporting when I connect to it accurate?  I plotted it from my house based on the location that it is reporting and I have a path, but am quite a ways off axis.  I have not pointed a radio at it it yet...
If you point at the spot on

If you point at the spot on the map you would still hit it, but 13 miles away and that far off axis will be a stretch. The antenna is also angled down quite a bit. Maybe with a Rocket dish, but I would be surprised if you had a good connection.

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