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New Mesh Net Düsseldorf

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New Mesh Net Düsseldorf
A group of radio amateurs around Düsseldorf has been experimenting with AREDN for half a year.
An omnidirectional radiator for 13cm was installed at the university clinic.
Furthermore, we have carried out many mobile experiments with different hardware.
Some stations are already set up at home to establish a fixed network.
Furthermore, a neighboring city administration asked how a large area could be supplied.
We are currently working on this project. A few questions for the developers of AREDN, would it
be possible to additionally implement the QRG 2362MHz, which is permitted in Germany,
in the firmware?

vy73 de Frank, DD3JI




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QRG 2362MHz
Hi, Frank:
I noticed that you only mentioned one frequency.
Building a network on a single frequency does not scale well.
Does your country have Wireless Internet Service Providers?
If yes, does the hardware they use appear in he 'Table of Hardware' at
As far as I know, "a neighboring city administration" would not be restricted  to
a single channel nor use Amateur Radio for 'how a large area could be supplied".

73, Chuck

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Welcome! I wish your efforts the best. Larger networks also require a large user base! The BAM / started with simple single channel experiment. Could you expand on the topic of microwave allocation in DL.
Regarding the allocation of
Regarding the allocation of microwaves, the following is approved by our authority in Germany for 
amateur radio for amateur radio frequencies as user access to 2.3 GHz and for link routes a number 
of frequencies in the 5.6 to 5.8 GHz range. Our network in Germany (Europe) is called Hamnet, see

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