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New KG6WXC Meshmap

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New KG6WXC Meshmap
73 All.
Just in case anyone cares or wants to help, there is a new version of my map available.
It's still kind of rough, but it does work.
I am actively working on it.
I have no written install instructions yet (I could use some help with that actually), as there is only so much time in a day.

The polling and webpage have been broken up into separate repositories now.
Polling Backend:

Anyone running the old version of my map could probably just update the database tables, user-settings and webpage data be good to go.
It is not complete, but is ready to be tested by others at this point.

The new scripts are able to poll the 500+ node So. Cal. network in about 3-4 minutes, vs 45 minutes (or much more) before.
The polling script can upload the data for the webpage via SSH to whatever systems you specify.
No more SQL Replication needed to get the data "outside". smiley
The new webpage is more focused on the RF links and provides more data about them.
You can still see the tunnels and DtD, but you have to turn it on and there is not as much info about them.
(seriously, who cares what the distance or bearing of a tunnel is?)

An example of the new webpage, based on data from the So. Cal. network is here:

I may not check this forum, so if you try to run it and need help, have a good suggestion, or find a problem, please email:
i like it
i like it
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Now with "Dark Mode" smiley
Feedback appreciated.


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