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New hAPs ---> Better performance

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New hAPs ---> Better performance

Like me, your Internet feed is probably substantially faster than 100 Mbit/sec.  So having your shack network throttled by a hAP ac Lite to 100 Mbit/sec is kind of annoying.  But there's good news!  Both the hAP ac2 and ac3, which are supported in the latest nightly builds, have gigabit Ethernet ports.  The ac2 and ac3 not only have faster CPUs than the ac Lite, but they also both have 4 CPU cores, compared to the single one of the ac Lite.   The ac3 has external antenna for its radio, while the ac2 continues with internal ones.  The other difference is the amount of RAM in each device.   While the hAP ac Lite has 64 MB of RAM, the ac2 has 128 Megs, and the ac3 256.   That's a substantial amount of future-proofing!

If you need an excuse to get one, you can use your current hAP ac Lite (you do have one, right?) to equip your go-box with AREDN networking!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  for the moment in the nightly builds, the 2 GHz radio in the ac2 & ac3 doesn't support channel -2, nor do the 2 or 5 GHz radios support 5 MHz bandwidths.  There's no ETA for implementing those as of now.  Keep that in mind if you're contemplating purchasing one.

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