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New Guy Question
I installed the current AREDN firmware on an Ubiquiti Rocket M2.  What's odd is my computer will only connect to it using the IP address with the port number.  It will not connect to the Rocket using the localnode address.  Is this an issue on my computer or on the Rocket?

Computer is a Windows 10 machine.  I sure miss Windows 7!

Although this is a minor annoyance at home, I can see it being problematic when trying to connect over RF.

This is all entirely new to me so there may be something obvious I'm just not thinking of.
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do you have any 3rd party
do you have any 3rd party anti-virus/firewalls running?  You might try disabling them and re-testing.
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Thanks for the idea.  It
Thanks for the idea.  It seems to be a problem on my laptop.  No matter what I do it won't browse to the node using anything but the IP address.  BitDefender uninstalled, Windows Firewall and Defender disabled, restarted, etc.  No joy.  A different Win 10 computer connects just fine, and follows the links on the neighbors page.

I'm stumped. 

On the bright side the node works just fine!  There's nothing nearby to talk to, but I have hopes for that.
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Corporate Managed Laptops
Some company IT groups lock local domains down.  If this is a computer you also for company work, then this could be the issue.
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Try a different Browser - Clear Cache
Have you tried a different browser?  We prefer Chrome here - also try clearing your browser cache.

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