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New Bullet M2 HP XW v6.1.5

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New Bullet M2 HP XW v6.1.5

I need some help here
I just bought 2 of these Bullet M2 HP radios. I keep getting an error message telling me I am uploading the wrong firmware version.

I have looked through the forums and had seen that someone else had the same issue, so I downloaded that aredn-
I get an error. So what is the correct firmware for this radio? Do i need to downgrade the firmware first? Or did I buy a radio that cannot be used?

unfortunately the sellers do not state what version of firmware is installed.

Ron, N6GKJ

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Not wrong version. Try different procedure?

 I assume that you are using the Ubiquiti operating system graphic user interface (web pages).

 IIRC, with these new devices with more recent Ubiquiti OSs,
TFTP is the recommended upload method.



Be sure on XW vs. XM version, then use tftp

Log in at the Ubiquiti AirOS page, and make sure of the chipset version for your Bullet: XW vs XM.

Older XM devices allowed you to update to AREDN from the AirOs page; new XW ones do not.

Make sure you have the correct AREDN factory image for your device, then use the tftp method shown in the documentation Chuck cited above.

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I have uploaded the aredn-3

I have uploaded the aredn- firmware, Is this the correct firmware for my Bullet M2 HP that is using XW v6.1.5?
I was able to use tftp to load the firmware, I can login to it from the lan, however the radio port is dead. I can see traffic on WiFi scan but I do not see any node activity. another note, when I plug the new Bullet into my Netgear 105S on the LAN 2 port I can see it in my node list. from other Nodes and vise versa. Can someone please advise?


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Yes, this is the right
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Thank you Joe, I found a typo

Thank you Joe, I found a typo in my SSID. 
All working good now

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