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New to AREDN, looking for someone to provide a tunnel server...

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New to AREDN, looking for someone to provide a tunnel server...
Hey all..

While stuck at home during our quarantine, I decided to start learning something about AREDN.  Toward that end, Amazon delivered a little GL-USB150 dongle and a TP-LINK CPE210, just for experimenting.   I mainly just wanted some inexpensive hardware that I could use to learn about AREDN. This evening, I managed to get the USB150 flashed, and have done a tiny bit of tinkering, but my home QTH is in a bit of a valley and (especially with this tiny usb dongle) I can't expect much in terms of connectivity.   Eventually, my short term plan is to get a mobile setup that I could maybe cart around at field day.  In a longer term, some people at the K6PXR repeater are interested in maybe creating a bit of a hub in downtown Emeryville.

But I'm getting ahead of myself...  Because my home QTH is in a bit of a valley, it would be great if I could tunnel out into the broader world, and then use experiment with networking, so I'm looking for a volunteer.  It would be great if such a person wouldn't mind a few questions as I get going too.

Mark K6HX

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looking for someone to provide a tunnel

Hi Mark,
Chris here in Berkeley.  I would be happy to provide a tunnel to get you connected for now.  Please send me the name of your node, and I'll send you the connection details.  You can email me at <MyCallsign>

The map of nodes on the AREDN website seems to be rather incomplete, as it does not include many of the nodes in the Bay Area that have been added in the ~4 months since December 2019. The folks at SFWEM ( really got things moving late last year, and have connected many nodes in SF as well as here in the East Bay, and across the Bay Area.  There are plans and hopes for many more nodes, most of which are on pause right now due to the pandemic. You can see a map of all the Bay Area nodes here:

One of the recently added nodes was the one by KJ6DZB at the CCCC repeater site in the Richmond hills, not far from you. Hopefully one day you'll be able to connect through that via RF... maybe with an extra hop or two if necessary.  

Anyway, let me know if you still need a tunnel, and I'm happy to get you connected to the growing mesh here in SF and the East Bay. Also happy to answer any questions.  

73, -Chris KJ6WEG


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Emeryville repeater and mesh node
Mark, one more thing... it would be amazing to get in touch with the folks at the ​K6PXR repeater, since that would make a fantastic site to spread better mesh connectivity to many Hams who are craving it in the Emeryville, Berkeley, and north Oakland flats.  Please let me know if you are able to make that connection, and I'm happy to follow up.  
Thanks, -Chris KJ6WEG
Anyone know if a mesh connection to Pleasanton is possible form any of these stations?
Pleasanton access should now be available

I know this is a 2+ year old query, but there is now access via the W6SRR node on the ridge.

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