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New to AREDN from Albany, CA

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New to AREDN from Albany, CA

I'm new to AREDN and looking to setup a node in Albany, CA.  I have AREDN firmware installed on a mikrotik hAP ac lite, so looking for information to connect as a tunnel client.  Also have a Nanostation M5 that I'd like to setup as a node if I can find LOS in my area.  Thanks in advance for help!


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AREDN from Albany, CA

Hi, Jeff:

It seems that you are about 5 short blocks away from AJ6RZ and
he has a Nanostation M5 linking with W6BB.

73, Chuck

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AREDN from Albany, CA
 This is more up-to-date.
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Definitely give it a shot with your NanoStation!  Some high-site nodes to try pointing at include Evans Hall in Berkeley and the CCCC repeater site above Richmond.  Also a bunch of other sites near you in the flats, or across the bay, if you have better LOS in those directions.  

If you can't establish an RF link yet, let me know (<callsign>, and we can discuss tunnel details.

Good luck! 
-Chris KJ6WEG next door in Berkeley

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