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New AirLink Modeling Tools

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New AirLink Modeling Tools

Looks like Ubiquiti has updated AirLink... very nice!



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Updated AirLink Features

It is nice to have AirLink working again with the Chrome and Firefox browsers.

New features include:

  • Dropdown menu to select the access point model
  • Dropdown menu to select the antenna used - appropriately keyed to the AP selected
  • Ability to see the 1st Fresnel zone and 60% clearance zone change colors (reflecting link quality as good, poor, or critical) as the antenna height changes at either end of the link. This feature is a great aid to link planning in urban areas and where surrounded by problematic terrain.
  • Ability to specify cable loss, link margin, noise figure and interference level in a simple user interface

This is a very easy to use planning tool and a big improvement over the previous version.


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