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Network Switch Configurations

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Network Switch Configurations
We are updating the website with more information about network switch configurations.
On the main menu bar under Software you will see two new sub-menus: Netgear Switches and Ubiquiti Switches.
These lead to the various configurations with pictures of the setup.
The Ubiquiti ToughSwitch section is mostly complete and I am updating the Netgear section as fast as I can put together some decent screenshots.

Let us know if there is a particular configuration you want to see.

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Switch configuration for Bullet, its LANs vlan2, and WANs

Here's a configuration I did to provide my Bullet a WAN port, a LAN port, a vlan2 port (for d2d connection to my airrouter) a WAN port to the main house router, and more WANs for other users not associated with ham radio AREDN.  vlan1 is ports 1t 5u  6u 7u 8u (WANs), vlan 2 is 1t and 4t, and vlan10 is 1u 2u 3u (the Bullet LANs   This may be a strange configuration, but I did it to avoid too many boxes in the back of an upstairs closet.

My firmware version is 2.00.08

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We stopped posting the switch
We stopped posting the switch configuration files because too many people were having problems with loading them on Netgear switches. It seems that Netgear has several different firmware versions and configuration file formats that are incompatible with each other. So we decided that showing the configuration screens would serve the community better by enabling everyone to successfully configure a network switch regardless of firmware version.
I have a Netgear FS526T that
I have a Netgear FS526T that will do 802.1q vlans. i'll post the the configuration i used on it for my internal lan and mesh lan.

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