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Network problem with AirGateway and PB5-400

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Network problem with AirGateway and PB5-400

This may be the wrong subforum.  If so apologies.

While connected to AirGateway wifi via wifi dongle (and his wired Ethernet disabled) a ham can access his Mesh Node, and other nodes and use his Mesh phone.  But his Internet speed is extremely slow - it is coming through the mesh!

When not  connected to the AirGateway, (Ethernet enabled) his Internet is great, but obviously, no mesh. 
His computer is an Intel Win7Pro. He has PowerBeam 5.8 - 400mm dish with about 15dB signal-noise.  In his shack we installed a ubnt AirGateway (the one with an antenna), and I ran the setup to give him a 192.168.0.x network and an SSID, so not  His computer has only a hardwired Ethernet connection from his ISP/router (192.168.1.y network).  He installed a usb wifi dongle.  His masks are

I've not encountered a situation where two networks won't coexist.  Any help appreciated!


Having trouble understanding
Having trouble understanding your exact layout here so here are a couple items for thought:

If the mesh node has a WAN port connected those devices connected via the LAN will get Internet out of the mesh node WAN and use the home internet (this is easiest to work with and best way if your not an experienced network guru)

If you want to be connected to two networks at once via two adapters on the same pc this is called dual homing and is an advanced network topic. The best suggestion I can give you for this is check the "disable default route" checkbox on the mesh setup page, the mesh node will then advertise only the mesh network and exclude internet access from advertisements (which must then be gained through a different network adapter).

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