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Network expert

I'm in need of an expert regarding networking.  I have a M2 Bullet running AREDN, a netgear GS105E, a dedicated laptop and I'm lost on how to configure the switch since the AREDN tutorial assumes a moderate knowledge of networking to even get started and leaves out many steps.  My goal is to be able to access the internet to set the time and date on the my node and two others, tunnel from Butler County Ohio and into the Dayton mesh.  Then add a Rasp PI to increase the storage capacity of MeshChat and then move into setting up a camera viewable by those on the mesh. i understand the logic behind networking but my expertise is not in IT.  Want environmental, safety and health support - I'm your man :-) 

Help, please. 
Rob, W8MRL


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MVMA meets at Bellbrook ARC or Kevin taxi

Hi, Rob

Two suggestions
1. The MVMA meets this Saturday, 09:30 til noon at the Bellbrook clubhouse. We could program the GS105E there.
2. Kevin seems to be traveling to Dayton once a week. Perhaps he could be a carrier.

I will share my fone number via email when I get home.


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