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Network diagramming tool?

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Network diagramming tool?
I used Visio for many years, but it's too expensive for my Ham use now. What tools do most use to create network diagrams - I have a presentation coming up and need some pictures worth 1000 words. 


Charlie KØTAN
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Google Drawings (via Google

Google Drawings (via Google Drive)....  it's "hidden" under the "NEW.. more" menu option...

(and it's cross-platform!)

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Thanks, K5DLQ and others!  I
Thanks, K5DLQ and others!  I'll try the OpenOffice and Google Drawings! 
You can also use LibreOffice
You can also use LibreOffice/OpenOffice Draw if you need something offline. It's not Visio but it can do the job.
Plan Grid
i use PlanGrid. It is a free download from the App Store and also allows you to attach pictures to your diagrams. This works with your device and links back to a web database for sharing and collaborating.

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Which app store?  I didn't
Which app store?  I didn't see it on the Mac App Store.
The Mac store
It is also on the Google and Droid stores. I use Apple on my ipad. Https://

Have fun.
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Automated Network Topology Diagramming

I was hoping that this thread about Network Diagramming would have some already developed ideas about producing automated diagrams of network topologies based on the OLSR and other data from the network.

Has anyone done work on this already?

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There is another MESH mapping application available also
We are using a mapping application by KG6WXC on the N2MH server that collects information from all of our nodes on our system (that have coordinates loaded) and it generates a map every hour that shows all of the link connections.  N2MH or the application developer can shed some more light on this for you.  I believe it is still in early development statges, but it looks very promising.
I use PlanGrid
I use PlanGrid as a pre-design tool for deployments as well as mapping of deployed assets. What I really like about it is that it not only lets me draw the architecture but also allows me to enter notes about each site as well as photos of the deployed pieces. Best of all, it is free.

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