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Network Diagram for AREDN

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Network Diagram for AREDN

Warning: I've thought about making this suggestion for a while... but my brain tends to go many directions all at the same time. If this post seems like it was written by someone with a scambled brain... Well... You were warned.

One thing that I've thought would be helpful is some form of network diagram script for AREDN. Don't get me wrong, I use and like the meshmap software, but was thinking about something that could be used to help manage the network in a field deployment.

Some of what I was thinking was kinda like what AllStarLink does with their Bubble Map.

Maybe have node info in the bubble (Node name with a link, software version, SSID/Frequency) and links color coded... kinda like with meshmap.

I guess MeshMap does a lot of what I'm thinking... I really just want a simplified output. Something that could be printed, for example and kept with deployment documents for users to reference. I know MeshMap relies on GPS coordinates to get the marker placed on the map. For my use cases... I don't care if it had coordinates or not... if there is an RF or DTD link between nodes... then plot it in the network diagram. Along that lines... maybe some way to select whether internet tunnels are included in the diagram or not.

Maybe what I'm asking for won't be too difficult as it could likely be just a rebuild of the current meshmap software or just another view of the data already in the database.

I actually got bored and kinda ran with my idea a tad... this is what the bubble map would have looked like for an event our RACES group just did this past weekend... just for an example. Again... this could be something that could be printed or easily referenced if anyone wanted to look at the deployment. I know this probably should be something manually generated during the planning stages (definitely going to do that in the future), but having a diagram generated by the network itself could be handy.

While I'm pitching sugggestions...
Could we get a "Filter List" option in the MeshMap? Kinda like on the node neighbors list?

Here in Oregon we used to
Here in Oregon we used to have this on our public facing webpage

The lower frame was the logical map / topology and it hasn't been working for a while, since the new firmware and new devices upset something in the device polling.  You can contact K9RCP Richard if you want more information about this as he wrote the code.


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