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Netgear GS108Ev3 as vlan separator and switch

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Netgear GS108Ev3 as vlan separator and switch
As per the instructions at I configured a GS108Ev3 as a combo Ubiquity node LAN/WAN splitter and also as a switch on the WAN side.  Where I located this box I needed a few ethernet ports switched off the input WAN (connects to my main switch and router and in turn the cable modem) which would feed a couple computers not involved with AREDN.  One port is for the Bullet, 2 ports are the Bullet's LAN, and the rest are WANs.  The WANs act like they are just a simple ethernet switch, which I needed.  This makes for fewer boxes in the back of the upstairs closet (the other box is the Bullet power supply).   Well, I don't expect this to set the AREDN world on fire....  laugh


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