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Netgear GS105e configuration

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Netgear GS105e configuration
Good evening!

I've read this article:

It says in the first paragraph, "The Ubiquiti devices only have 1 network port".  Since the AirRouter (and AirRouter HP) have multiple ports, does this mean the article is intended ONLY for Ubiquiti devices with one port? 

At least, that's the way I read it.

Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q
Thanks for pointing that out.
Thanks for pointing that out. It was indeed written before the AirRouter became supported and could possibly use an update.

The ports are brought out individually on an AirRouter, the wan is directly available (no need for the gs105e) and DTDLink is on port 4 IIRC.

A standard non smart switch can be used to extend the number of DTDLink or LAN ports if needed.

If you want or need to use a smart switch like the GS105e with the AirRouter than the article actually still fully applies with one caveat: since the ports are broken out the Lan ports only have Lan data on it, the DTDLink port only had DTDLink data on it, and the wan only has untagged WAN content on it (in other words you can't "break out" from a single port because it is already broken out for you)
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AirRouter exception
Thanks for noticing the need for an update. The article was corrected to note that the AIrRouter is an exception.
Thank you!
Excellent!  That certainly clears things up.

73, Jeff

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