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Needed:Mesh proposal Template: Submit to town

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Needed:Mesh proposal Template: Submit to town
Greetings all,
After several years of talking about Mesh at meetings and providing demos, our local ham EMCOMM group (Queen Creek, AZ) is ready submit an proposal to the town council for the deployment of several mesh nodes throughout the town to support communications.  We have nodes ready to be deployed and the support of the EMA Director for the town.  We just need to craft the proposal to obtain the permission from the town to start deploying nodes on municipality buildings and properties.

I am sure that several of you here have been in this same point - and would love any guides, samples, "key words", examples or templates that were used to get town buy in for the MESH expansion.

We are right on the cusp of exploding MESH activity in this area, and bring about a whole new "never seen before here" level of support to the activities that assist the town with.  


- Jay N1RWY


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