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Need some help please

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Need some help please

Good afternoon -

I am getting frustrated not being able to make progress with the following:

The good:

PowerBeam M2 - programed with AREDN and working perfectly

NanoBeam M5 - programed with AREDN and working perfectly

The Bad:

NanoStation M5 & NanoBeam M2 both not responding to anything. Both previously programed and working well. If I attempt to navigate to, say:

KM4HRR-NBM5.local.mesh:8080 it just times out

If I go into Recivery Mode and set my laptop to and try to navigate to or if I try to TFTP to that IP it fail with time out but I can pink the .20 IP.

I have been trying and trying and trying and eith I am doing something incorrect or the 2 nodes are just not going to friendly. Any thoughts? Any advice?

Brendan KM4HRR


How are they connected? Are you accessing 1 at a time or are they connected via a router etc.? Is there more than 1 DHCP server running which could give conflicting IPs?
Also, I had an issue using TFTP when going straight in through the POE injector (during initial AREDN load). Something to do with the ethernet port not being kept 'alive' upon reboot, but all went well when using a dummy switch (no DHCP).
Just thinking out loud.


... I had the TFTP issue with a Nanobeam M2-13

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1 at a time using the same

1 at a time using the same laptop... no switch.

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I have a dumb switch you can borrow.

My switch is so stupid...
Sorry. Dumb joke... Ooohhh, yet another pun.
Really, though, I have a dumb switch you can have. Using a dumb switch has miraculously cleared up a lot of my IP issues mostly because it allows me to keep the power on the PoE adapter and remove the IP link to the dumb switch while my laptop is still connected to the dumb switch as well.
If that doesn't work I'll swap your devices for a couple of my working ones if you buy me lunch.

-Damon K9CQB

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what would you like for lunch

what would you like for lunch? ;-)

Brendan KM4HRR

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'Recovery Mode'; Do you mean TFTP mode, or the short or long 'Failsafe' modes?

If the node is using in TFTP mode, it will not respond to a 'navigate',
if by 'navigate' you mean using a web browser. You will need to use a console
and set your computer's network adapter to 192.168.1.X, where X=2-19 or 21-254.
If the device responds to a ping, then you should be good-to-go to initiate the
TFTP procedure.

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