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Need help in testing XW devices

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Need help in testing XW devices

The Development Team is currently focused on troubleshooting the Ubiquiti XW issue.  We believe there are likely multiple defects across multiple products which has made this a challenging exercise.  We are looking for testers willing to step out on the edge for us to confirm the existence of these problems across our supported Ubiquiti devices. 

If you're willing, we've posted an article with instructions:


Andre, K6AH

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XW update

XW update

We have successfully tested a fix to the XW Ethernet port freeze up problem on the Nanostation Loco M5 XW.  The whole team has been working iterations of tests, digging deep through the internet for gold nuggets of Atheros NDA knowledge, and brain storming ideas funneled back to Trevor, K7FPV.    Trevor then leapt over tall buildings, performed a couple of miracles, and then inserted some code snippets in the right places to deliver the results.   This will be in the nightly build shortly.     

While we think we can bring out the bubbly drinks and toast,  better to give this a few more days to validate in multiple environments and across more of the devices.  But definitely, high-5's are in order with an end-zone dance of your choice; shark swim,  twerk, gangnam, etc.  Be sure to post the pics!

We still don't have board IDs for the following devices to include in the XW device support list.   If you are willing and able to borrow, re-purpose, snag, or buy one of these devices to bring under AREDN support, please let us know:



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Good news!

Nice work Joe and Trevor!

Based on experience with bugs that involve both hardware and software, I'm sure this was a tough problem to track down.  The whole development team deserves a lot of credit!


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What Jonathan said!

Plus one to the whole team!

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And don't forget to claim the

And don't forget to claim the bug fix bounty!

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