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need help setting up Basebox2 (RB912UAG2HPnD)

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need help setting up Basebox2 (RB912UAG2HPnD)


I have been unable to connect to my new basebox via the browser interface (

I have turned off DHCP and assigned my computer and still cannot connect via wifi

Winbox can connect with the node via ethernet but can I reset device settings through this program?

Trying to find out what firmware version I have to see if I can flash or "wait" for an update

Any advice would be welcome!

Stan KR6CV

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Do you know which hardware
Do you know which hardware revision you have? There's a known issue with a new hardware revision....

Note that you wouldn't connect to a basebox AREDN node via wifi unless you set up an access point on the ethernet port, as the wifi radio would be used for connecting to other nodes. Also, when you load the AREDN firmware, by default, you need to turn on DHCP on your computer, and allow your computer to obtain an address. After that, try browsing to http://localnode.local.mesh

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