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Near North Chicago Suburb

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Near North Chicago Suburb

Hey All,
KV3T here.  I've been experimenting with and trying to whittle my club down on AREDN for a few years now.  We did some show and tell at our field day a couple of years ago, but it didn't go anywhere.  As others in the flatlands know, trees are the enemy in this area.  But I have recently put up a small rooftop tower that may allow me to get a node something like +30' HAAT and am going to be doing so at my qth in Skokie.  I still have high hopes of luring in others from my club, NS9RC.  We are 200 strong and while we don't have mountains, I'm sure we have a mountain's height in towers amongst the club members, so with a little buy in from the members we could get a good network going up here.

I had initially planned on 5GHz a few years ago and got a couple of old NSM5s for testing.  My testing showed that 5GHz isn't where it is at in this part of the world.  Flat lands and trees.  So I'm not setting up a new Rocket M2 and working toward getting that in a permanent operating state.  I'm not there yet, but I'd like to get one of their MIMO 13DB omni antennas up eventually.  But for now I'll be using a pair of 9db antennas.

I'll also be testing with some of the cheaper GL.iNET hardware for local usage and testing.

If anyone else is in the area and wants to try to link up, lett me know.  I'm probably not going to be terribly active on this forum long term (maybe short term while I'm working out the kinks in my new stations), but I'm good on QRZ.


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not clear on your intended

not clear on your intended band usage, but, i would STRONGLY suggest going with 5GHz band devices.

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