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NAT/IPTables Rules

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NAT/IPTables Rules

I scoured around a bit and couldn't find an answer, so I figured I'd post here and ask:

1) Is there any plan to change the NAT/Port Forwarding section of the MESH Setup page? It would be really helpful to be able to point a range of ports to a specific address (i.e.: if I wanted to point UDP/10000-10300 for VoIP, I'd rather not write 300 separate port forwards). 

2) Failing that, is there any way to directly modify the iptables rules in a way that they won't get wiped out on a reboot? 

Thanks es 73! VA3QR

The following is taken from

The following is taken from the node onboard help file

If you want to forward a range of ports, the Outside Port will accept a range in the form "2000-3000". Use a hyphen to separate the low and high values. When doing this, set the Inside Port to the low value of the port range. When forwarding a port range the outside and inside ports must be the same, moving them will not work."

Does that work?

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I completely missed that part

I completely missed that part of the file. Thanks for pointing it out. Makes much more sense now :)


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