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I am trying to set up a NAS for use across our Mesh.  I have set up a NAS on a Raspberry Pi using a Pi project source, and have added the Pi to my switch.  I see the Pi and the NAS locally but others on the mesh can not see or access it.  Any ideas?

Is your node using NAT? If it is, that's probably the problem.
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Well I am prety lost re
Well I am prety lost re networking - could you explain what NAT is and how I correct the problem - many thanks for the education :)
Hello K7OPA, So in the setup
Hello K7OPA, So in the setup you should see LAN. Here are can pick LAN Mode. I would use 1,5, or 13 host Direct. Check the DHCP Server box. Your NAS needs to be in DHCP mode. The question I can't answer is your switch. AREDN uses VLAN's so not sure if this going to be a problem.. But you'll see in the LAN Mode there is NAT. NAT wouldn't allow the MESH network connect to your NAS. 

P.S. I'll check later today to see if a regular switch would work for a LAN behind your Node if no one pipes up.

A regular switch will work,
A regular switch will work, you only need a "managed" switch when you need to pull out the "WAN port" for internet connectivity.
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OK - LAN settings are at
OK - LAN settings are at default - 5 host and DHCP checked - I did not change anything there.  In CUrrent Leases it sees thRPi and I reserved the IP.  Any other ideas?  Thanks
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what sort of file share
what sort of file share protocol are you using? SMB ? or what ? 

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Do I have to turn on SMB?
Do I have to turn on SMB?  Sorry for the basic level of my knowledge but after following the RPi setup procedure, and seeing the NAS on my PC on my MESH lan, I expected others on our network to see it as well.  Where do I check to see if SMB is active or not?
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If I recall correctly, SMB
If I recall correctly, SMB "discovery" is done via broadcast messages, which will not work on the mesh.
Have you tried to map the NAS drive directly via IP or hostname?    ie.  net use S: //  or using "Map Network Drive" in Windows Explorer, or "Connect to Server" in OSX Finder
As is all of these "auto find
As is all of these "auto find" methods you see on computers these days (like when you plug a network printer into your home network and all the new PC's see it,  or the iPhone sees it, etc)  is all done via broadcasts that will not propagate past an AREDN node by design. 

Generally you need to actively know the service exists and connect to it to gain access (this is true even with "advertised services" in the AREDN UI, they don't help your computer automatically find the service they just tell you as a user about it)
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I'm doing somewhat similar,

I'm doing somewhat similar, in that I have some web html files stored on Openwrt WRT54G routers (in its flash memory). 

LAN settings are at default - 5 host and DHCP checked - I did not change anything there.  In CUrrent Leases it sees thRPi and I reserved the IP.

On the Aredn node, go to "Port forwarding, DHCP and Services" setup page.  Under "Current DHCP Leases" you should see your Raspberry Pi.  Copy its IP address and MAC into the DHCP Address Reservations boxes, along with a hostname you can make it up to whatever you want, make it unique to the world, like "K7OPA web pages".  Clic "Add" and then chick "save changes". 

Okay, now to make an advertised service.  In the name box, call your web page whatever you want to see get advertised, like "Yet another Jpole".  Checkmark "link".  Next box write "http".  In the URL box you should see a choice like "K7OPA web pages" and select it.  Next box write "80".  In the last box you write in the path and name of the html file.  This would be the same thing you'd put in the URL bar of a browser beyond the Raspberry Pi's IP address to get the desired html file to display in your browser.  In my case, in my Openwrt router, it has a directory called /www and I stored my html files and associated image files there.  and when this openwrt router is on my home network, I type and this image file (a dancing banana) comes up.   As I stored this image in the router's /www directory.  You should store some test image or html file and see what you need to do to make it show on the browser. 

Googled around and found some info at

Default install of lighttpd, shove the file in /var/www called index.html and point a browser at the ip address of the pi.

You could install lighttpd (sudo apt-get install lighttpd) and then point a browser on another computer on your network at (or whatever the ip address of the pi is) and it will display the welcome screen of lighttpd. Then delete or rename the file in /var/www and put your html file named index.html in there. Refreshing the browser will bring up your page.

Looks like you use the directory where an index.html file exists.  I'm kinds clueless here.  Anyway, once you do get it to work, copy the part of the path after the first / after the IP address in the URL box of your browser into the last box of the advertised services.  click "Add" and then "save changes". 

Then go to "Mesh Status" and you should see your new service.  Click it and hopefully your test file shows up... 

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