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NanoStationlocoM5 issues

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NanoStationlocoM5 issues


I've attempted to get a Ubiquti NanoStation loco M5 device working as an AREDN node and have been having some problems. The NanoStation is brand new and has a test date of 09/25/2019. The situation is:

1. I can download the AREDN firmware from the nightly build location using  TFTP on a Win10 machine and then I can connect to the node via a WiFi connection, at this point the wired Ethernet connection doesn't work, nor can I save any changes using the AREDN setup page; I get an DTDMAC error when I attempt to save changes.

2. I then update the firmware using the contrtols on the Administration tab using the file from the nightly build location, not ticking the 'Keep Settings' box. The only thing this changes is the error message which is now "parameter 'MAC2' in the file '_setup.default' does not exist", I still can't save any changes or connect via the wired LAN.

3. It also appears I cannot change channel or bandwidth to suit our local arrangements.

4. I've changed the node name and that seems to stick. I've tried using the Default Values and Rebooting multiple times but nothing else seems to work.

I've tried TFTP upload and Administration upgrades multiple times, each with the same result.

I've been through the AREDN forum and have tried most of the suggestions there but still no success. Any suggestions about how I make further progress would be gratefully received!

Many thanks & 73



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support data file
Dale,  I suspect Ubiquiti has been making Rev changes to the hardware or flash vendor data on their devices.  We are starting to see issues on multiple devices.   Please click on the download support data link at the bottom of the Admin page and upload the file here.   This will hopefully point to the root cause.

NanoStation loco M5
Hi Joe,

Many thanks for getting back to me and I now the unit working. I just tried all of the versions of the firmware and eventually got one that worked and didn't do the system upgrade. Also, I probably wasn't allowing enough time for the reset and DHCP processes to work properly; but after leaving things alone for a while after making changes it's come good and it appears to work correctly; changes can be saved and no error message appear. There is an amateur colleague close by and we're hoping to do an on-air test in the next day or two and that should prove everything is working.

So thanks again & 73


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