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NanoStation XW & DTD (single cable method)

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NanoStation XW & DTD (single cable method)

I started this new thread - since my last one improperly blamed the AirRouter as the troublemaker.

Note: this specifically addresses those with concerns about feeding power into the Nano XW backwards - into the Secondary jack (trying to use just one ethernet cable during DTD applications). 

I took  pics showing the  bypassing of the "Main" & "Secondary" port power switching transistor.  I did this on a few Nanostations well over a year ago; during the BBHN dayz (when the secondary port was not only data inactive, but no power supply voltage on the Secondary port either).
See the red jumper; jumping the pins 4&5 on the Main RJ45 - to the same pins on the Secondary RJ-45.

"Backfeeding" voltage from that Secondary port (through a FET junction) is no longer a fear.  I had just performed the same "jump" on a NanoStation XW, and it all worked fine; testing both situations.... the NanoStation as a primary stand-alone node with ethernet cable to the Main connector (DHCP enabled) ....... and then with the NanoStation having DHCP disabled, plugging the NS Secondary port to the POE (this as the lone ethernet cable going to the NS), and the LAN on the POE going to an AirRouter HP port 4.

As long as you use just one ethernet cable to the XW Nano. and always routed  through a POE ... you're in like Flint !

a little reminder for next years field day smiley

Hello Tim, I have a NSM5 XW
Hello Tim, I have a NSM5 XW and a Bullet M2. So what your saying is. With the jumper you have one POE cable going up your tower into your NS XW Main port and the secondary port going to a 2nd node. I.E. my Bullet? and its working? Also disable the 2nd node's LAN DHCP Server?

Thanks, David
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I noticed the XW Nano dtd
I noticed the XW Nano dtd does work with only one cable to the secondary for signal and power (as opposed to a separate poe cable to the primary), but after seeing your post I am concerned about damaging that FET you mentioned. Is my concern justified? Anyone else have experience with this? Having just one connection would sure simplify installation of these devices, especially if I didn't have to perform surgery to implement adding an internal jumper.

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