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NanoStation WX-NS2

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NanoStation WX-NS2

Is there (or will there be) any support for older NanoStation's or PowerStation's?

There is currently not

There is currently not support for the older devices (currently supported hardware list can be found here and in the release notes) 

It is unlikely we will see support for the older hardware as it has very limited resources. The CPU is much slower which makes them less responsive but more critically is they do not have the needed flash and ram space.

The older devices have only 4mb of flash which is not enough to fit the core system as it stands today also the ram at 16mb which has been listed as no longer supported by the underlying operating system (OpenWRT) due to a tendency to run out of memory space.

The only way to support these devices would be to fall back to an older operating system, increasing development effort and inserting currently fixed flaws including security flaws (this is what BBHN has done to keep their Linksys devices incase anyone try's to point to the Linksys hardware as proof it's doable and was why they were calling for an EOL on Linksys devices)

You can repurpose the older Ubiquiti devices into AP's for local user access as a method for local devices (laptops and similar) to get into the mesh at a deployment.


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