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Nanostation wind/ice survivability

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Nanostation wind/ice survivability
I have a 7200' mountain site I'd like to mount a Nanostation M5 on.  It will serve the area I need, I have one, and it is cheaper than putting up a sector antenna plus Rocket M5.   But... the AM-5G17-90 sector antenna's specs include "wind survivability" data... and I find no such info on the Nanostation.  Can anyone tell me whether the Nanostation can survive the wind/ice of a mountain top site?  Or should I bite the bullet and invest in the sector antenna/Rocket combo?

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The surface area of a NS is
The surface area of a NS is much smaller than the 90 deg sector. I wouldn't use velcro to srap it down however. It should survive fine in my opinion. Maybe others have experience already, there are many out there, possibly including harsh climates like Alaska.

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