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Nanostation M900 will not program

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Nanostation M900 will not program

I ran across some older 900Mhz equipment which we want to setup for some of our members who are in hard to reach locations due to foliage.  The M900 Nanostation had AirOS 5.2.1(XM) installed  and the rocket M9 had the same version.  Right or wrong I decided to update the AirOS just to see if the equipment could be programmed.  The upgrade to 6.3.6(XM) went well and the nodes are connected as AP and station.  I then tried to use TFTP to load the AREDN software.  The Nanostation will not program.  I remember something about the transition to AirOS 5.6 in the past and I fear I should have tried to TFTP the unit before I upgraded the AirOS.  I have not tried the rocket yet.  Does anyone have any ideas?  
Glenn WA3LAB

Quick update!!  I went back
Quick update!!  I went back to version 3.18.XXX and was able after several tries to get it to program.  I then went through the normal administrator upgrade, and have successfully upgraded to 3.19.XX AREDN.  I'll hold here till I try to program the rocket.
Glenn WA3LAB
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Load AREDN firmware via TFTP method.
For some time now, the standard way to load AREDN firmware is via the TFTP method.
The devices with 32MB of RAM are somewhat reluctant to load current AREDN firmware.
I have some 32 MB devices, Nanostation M9, Nanobridge M9, and a few Nanostation M3s.
I have experienced that it may take many attempts to load the firmware via the TFTP method.
Try to load ASAP after a reboot...when there is the most free memory.

I hope this helps,

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