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NanoStation M5 - airMAX/WiFi?

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NanoStation M5 - airMAX/WiFi?
Just flashed a NanoStation M5 with AREDN. Couple of questions about the hardware, if anyone is familiar:

1. Once configured via wired connection, would I expect to be able to see the mesh SSID as a visible WiFi network from another device, eg a smartphone? Because I don't. I wonder whether this is because the NanoStation M5 is airMAX, rather than standards-compliant WiFi, and normally used for point to point links with other airMAX gear?

2. The device has two Ethernet ports but they seem to just be a passthrough. Am I right in assuming the WAN connection is exposed as a separate VLAN on one/both of those ports?

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NanoStation M5 - airMAX/WiFi?
1. Yes, when the other device is on the same bandwidth and capable of scanning the channel of the Nanostation.
2. Yes on at least the 'Main' port.

I hope that helps, Chuck

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