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NanoStation M2 XM - can only run or older; pukes on latest or nightly builds

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NanoStation M2 XM - can only run or older; pukes on latest or nightly builds

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NanoStation M2 XM - Using TFTP method, after downgrade to AirOS 5.5.x, can load up AREDN up to (started with factory), however, moving to the current or the nightly builds hoses the radio.

Will flash LED #4 (green) the typical 30 or so seconds, but then does dark. Only power LED lights up.

Recover back to and it behaves correctly with the Ethernet light and LED #4 solid upon boot.

Will also crash on the Apply button in the Setup web GUI - cgi-bin error.


Really make sure on XM firmware. Check power and memory.
Make double sure you are using the right ath79 firmware for this device.
I have seen this happen if the wrong version was loaded.
I also had trouble when the device was not powered correctly with 24volts. We tried to upgrade an older Rocket M5 with a 12v PoE and a 50 foot cable. That was a fail, requiring a new tftp.
Are you downloading it from the administration menu to upgrade it, or uploading from a local file? Using a VLAN switch and directly downloading from the firmware list online is safest bet to get the general release.
This device has limited memory, so reboot right before applying. It would be best if it isn't connected to the mesh, so it doesn't have OLSR entries.
Now, if you are upgrading manually from a saved file,
The nanostation M2/M3/M5 (XM) models and nanostation loco M (XM) are not same firmware, nor are the XW and XM targets. You really have to hunt through the table to near the end.
For, this is the link for the NanoStation M2 (XM):

Try upgrading it in isolation. Turn off the RF checkbox, reboot, and make sure it does not have any DtD partners. The XM units have limited RAM and if I leave mine on the live network, it will fail every time. The last time it worked in vivo was somewhere around 3.19 or .20 as you've discovered. The 32MB devices are reaching the end of upgradeability. If you can get it to upgrade it will still work fine however even on a large network. I will be replacing my last XM with a MikroTik SXTsq-2nD when it's time.
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What Ian Said.. Turn off RF
I find that turning off RF works every time on these units.  Be sure to start with a clean reboot after turning off the RF..  I have been successful with devices DTD to the unit being upgraded as mine is on a mast pole on my roof.  Success every time.
Couple updates:
Couple updates:
Device is in isolation, no nearby nodes.
Powered on a Mikrotik PowerBOX with a 3 foot jumper - I believe it's doing 12 VDC, I'll pull a 24 VDC PoE injector off the shelf this afternoon and try again.
For, that was the file I used when I attempted from the GUI; using the factory image when attempting to update directly from TFTP recovery.
I can confirm this is not a Loco and is not XW hardware.

Thanks for the tips, will go back to the bench and report my results. 

73 - AJ, K6LOR in Idaho

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