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Nanostation M2 IP Address Problem

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Nanostation M2 IP Address Problem
I'm having trouble with a Nanostation M2.  I have it set for automatic DHCP.  When it boots up it only comes up with an IP of instead of the 10.*.*.*  It says "self assigned IP."  My other Nanostation boot up the same way and then after a minute or two it after it says "self assigned IP" it changes to a 10.*.*.* and everything is good.  I've changed POE, cables and rebooted computer with no change.  I had this device working a few weeks ago.  Any suggestions for next steps?

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Nanostation M2 IP Address Problem
I assume what you mean is your computer connected to the Nanostation shows that it has an address of on the wired ethernet connection, or have I misunderstood? If you power up both nanostations can one "see" the other? If so you should be able to use this link to check and compare the configurations of both.

Assuming all cables and other
Assuming all cables and other connections are correct and working the odds are you disabled the DHCP on the node (especially likely if you followed the guide for DtD Linking)

If this is the case you can follow one of the two procedure:
1) Use the other node to your PC to log in to the problem node and enable to DHCP server
2) After the problem node fully boots press and hold the reset button for 5 seconds. This will reset the password to "hsmm" and enable the DHCP server.
Problem solved.  I did a 30
Problem solved.  I did a 30 second hold reset and was able to get the device back up and running.  I did have this node setup as a DtD link and had the DCHP disabled.  Thanks for the help.


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