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NanoStation M2 Degradation?

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NanoStation M2 Degradation?
We have installed multiple NSM2 units and are building out a mesh here in Livermore, CA. I've had a link up and running for about two months or more with NSM2 units at either end at a mile apart. We are set up as 2 GHz, Ch -2, 10 MHz BW. When installed and for the first month or so, I was getting over 20 Mbps link data rate in both directions. However, it is slowly degrading to where now it is around 8 Mbps. The weather conditions have been about the same as before. Signals have been around -80 dBm at either end and that's been fairly consistent. Sometimes, the noise floor goes from -95 dBm to -92 dBm, but otherwise nothing is different. I've unpowered both nodes, rebooted both nodes, re-optimized the antenna pointing.... all to no avail. The link seems pretty responsive, although admittedly we don't have a lot on there such as video servers. Is the link speed calculator correct, or is there degradation over time with the NSM2 units (I've seen mention of it)? I really don't think it's link conditions that are changing, but could be wrong!

Dave K3GX
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The TxMbps value showing in
The TxMbps value showing in mesh status comes from the wireless driver.  It is showing the actual rate in use, minus any measured packet loss.   If the noise floor raises, and the SNR is lower, this would translate to reduced xmit link rate. 


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