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NanoStation Loco M5 (XW) Status

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NanoStation Loco M5 (XW) Status

The 'Supported Platform Matrix' was updated (12/18/15) to include full support for the (non-Loco) NanoStation M2 & M5 lines (both XW & XM), which is great!

I also noticed that the Loco M5 XW is still unsupported, the only difference between that and the non-Loco is the single NIC. Is this still related to ? I'm just curious as to both the 1) technical reasons and 2) where I might track progress.

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We will be looking into the
We will be looking into the XW devices shortly and will update the supported platform matrix with that information. As far as tracking issues, our ticket system is located here: Merry Christmas!
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The defect is the ethernet
The defect is the ethernet chip.  The OpenWRT defect at the upstream level is here:

Please consider contributing to this OpenWRT 'bounty".  It's at $230 right now:


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Need more backers
Hey everyone, it would be great if we could get a few more people to contribute to the OpenWRT bounty to fix the issue keeping us from being able to use the Ubiquiti XW software. So far I see 3 AREDN users backing the bounty. 

Being able to use the XW hardware is a big deal...There is some impressive hardware for under $100 available for deployment if we can get this to work. If you've got some change to spare, please jump in and help!
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I am curious where things (timing ... optimistic or pessimistic) are with regard to the XW devices.

I do not have recent experience with this, of course. But, I have experience and have my own business meaning that I have "skills" and could make time. Just need focus

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w9niz,  I'm optimistic about
w9niz,  I'm optimistic about this, we have squeezed in some work to move this forward.   Given the recent release of, effort is coming back around to focus on this issue.     It's noteworthy, that there are a couple of test airGrid M5 XWs (another local user and I in the area) are testing out a related bugfix.  Conrad is the one doing the lower level driver code fixes.   

However, the major problem (the ethernet port locks up) is still reproducible.   We have a situation now where these airGrids have been running for a month without a failure.   But I suspect this is a combination of constant DtDlink traffic and a a patch that alleviates, but does not fix the issue.  Speculation is the defect is related to power save modes, but I don't think this has always held true.

To characterize the options,  everyone may want to avoid XW hardware if another option is available regardless. There are posts in the Ubiquiti forms that even Ubiquiti was never able to fully work around the low level chipset defect.  Wireless ISPs still complain that their customer's video streaming drops out.   The bugfix workaround is to reset the ethernet port on the fly when it locks up.  There's still possibility of a momentary outage.

Joe AE6E
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NS Loco M5 XW reports Good/Good, Can I use it?
Hi All,
I bought several UBNT devices that I've successfully flashed with AREDN but two of the devices are NS Loco M5 originally with XW.5.6.2.  I downgraded to the UBNT firmware XW.v5.5.10-u2 build 28005 and then got a Good/Good report from the UBoot Test.  

Sooooo, Is it feasible to load the NanoStation M5 (XW) firmware on it?  Is this the "non-loco" firmware compatible with the loco verson?  

Thanks in advance.

The list of supported devices
The list of supported devices is under Software > Supported hardware matrix ( )

Even if the bootloader tests passes doesn't mean the hardware will work or that it will be safe to attempt to load it.  Unless its green in the chart its not supported by AREDN.
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Nanostation Loco (XW) - Researching Future Options
Thanks KG6JEI.  I've read the support matrix.  Since I bought the units for testing, not necessarily production in an emergency comm situation until tested, I'm willing to load, test, and report results if that in any way can be helpful to the AREDN community.  If that's not helpful I'll look for other ways to use them.  
I wonder if I could use them with AirOS and setup a tunnel between mesh islands.  I'm just researching and learning about AREDN with hopes to present to our community. With a pretty active local amateur radio club we support community emergency communications, training, and several worthy activities.  Thanks again for your advice and feedback. 

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