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Nanostation Loco M2 - XW version

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Nanostation Loco M2 - XW version

Got hold of a new Nanstation Loco M2 but it has the XW hardware and firmware v5.6.12 (XW).

It will not allow upload of a down version of firmware.  Is there an estimated time frame for testing and development of AREDN firmware for these newer versions of the Loco that appear to be the ones shipping now?

Thanks and 73
Mike, K5YX

You would be the first user
You would be the first user to bring up having seen an XW Series 2.4 GHz device.

You will need to raise this as a feature request for new hardware in bloodhound ( ) to request the AREDN team support the device.

Untill a basic evaluation is done in a ticket there is no way to guess how long this would take.
I have the same issue, but I
I have the same issue, but I have the Nanostation M2 (not loco)  It also had the XW 5.6.12 firmware and couldn't downgrade.  I ended up upgrading to 5.6.15 to see if then I could download, but no luck.
Success (?)

Unknowingly got an XW here too, same error, unable to downgrade. I was able to go directly from XW 5.6.12 to a nightly build, develop-169-d18d14f3. Trying the M5 XW release version resulted in ethernet ports not working no dhcp (may have been issue below). Your results may vary...or brick! Better to watch the ticket link above.

However so far it's been stable tho I don't have anyone connected to it yet on RF side. Has the same XW behavior where primary ethernet port is only untagged and the secondary carries vlan 1,2. Also the map seems to not want to update tho I can see it connect out the WAN and my firewall towards the internet.

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Yes, please use the nightly
Yes, please use the nightly build.  A downgrade of AirOS is not required and the nightly build images include a definition for the M2 XW and M2 Loco XW.

A superset of notes... the nightlybuilds will not work with the Bullet unless AirOS is downgraded to v5.5.x -- still a fix in the pipeline.  All the other models supported in + the ones shown included in a release candidate on the supported hardware page, no longer require the AirOS downgrade or usage of the uboot compatibility program.   There is a fix in the nightly build (and such that a failed attempt to load these AREDN images will no longer brick the device -- can always tftp back to AirOS.

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The "warning" is normal since
The "warning" is normal since this is a new device and is still in our nightly builds.
The upload to map issue has been corrected and you should now see your nc8q-nst-m2 node on the map.

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