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NanoBridge m5 not working

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NanoBridge m5 not working


I have one NanoBridge M5 that is not working. AirOs 6.1.4 (XM) . I tried to load AREDN firmware, but it seems that I have done something wrong. I cannot connect it; cannot find an IP-address. Is it possible to rescue the machine ??

I have 3 NanoBridges that is converted OK, but they had  AirOS 5.xx

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yes, haven't yet meet a

yes, haven't yet meet a Ubiqiti device that couldn't be recovered, unless hardware failure.  Best to use the tftp process to directly load firmware to the device (could be AirOS or AREDN image) to a known state.  The only scenario where you may have 'soft' bricked the device (open up case and attach to serial console to recover), is if you attempted to install an old AREDN firmware from 2016 era.    Assuming you are attempting to load a current AREDN version, then the tftp process is expected to always works and it's a procedural step issue.

Joe AE6XE  

Problem solved. It is up and

Problem solved. It is up and running.

Hans-Petter LA9UI

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