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Nanobridge m5 issues

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Nanobridge m5 issues
has anyone else had issues with m5 nanobridges? We have had 4 failures in our group all at different locations.  M2 gear works great, but we are using uses m5 nanobridges and they will work for a while and then die.  Can't login can't change firmware, can't access the unit.  We can get them into TFTP mode, but not sure on all of the commands to try to bring it back to life.  We are just wondering if there is an issue that is known on the M5 units, or are we just having a horrible run of luck?
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Nanobridge M5 Issues
I have had from time to time a unit go "stupid" on us, ending up around channel 34 @ 20Mhz b/w identiying iteslf as SSID MeshNode on a Wi-Fi Scan. I shows up on on our network, but isn't accessible from a computer connected directly to it.  The only recourse so far has been a hard reset, which will usually eventually come back as a NOCALL ready to setup unit.  Other times we have to use the serial interface for a fresh TFTP load.

It's been quite a while, but we had one do this to us just a few weeks ago for some unknown reason.  When we get it off of it's mount, I hope to evaluate this failure mode further.  I would really like to be able to access this unit via RF to see what it is really doing!

New Nano Station Loco M5
I have just been delivered a new UBNT Loco M5 and downgraded the firmware to WX.v5.5.10-u2 and the AREDN tester shows good now.

But in the GUI when I select the AREDN firmware and upload I get the error "Firmware image check failed. Error code -6

Andy GM7GDE 
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loco M5 issue (not nanobridge)
Andy, looking at the support matrix a Loco M5 XW is not supported in the production releases. You *MAY* be able to use one of the nightly builds. See this post:

If you have any other questions about this, please start a new forum thread as this isn't related to the nanobridge M5.
Development did the job
Installing the Nightly build did the job. Sorry for posing here but thanks for the answer.
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glad you got it working!
glad you got it working!
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bad luck
You're either having bad luck or something is similar to all of your installs. Is the same person terminating the cat5 at each site? It sounds like a short causing the nodes to fall into default config or tftp mode. I have 7 nanobridge M5 units and I haven't had a lick of problems with them, except for things self-inflicted. 

So explain to us what you mean by "die", and let us know which part of the tftp procedure isn't working. Happy to share experiences or walk you through things.


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