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NanoBridge Ethernet port configuration

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NanoBridge Ethernet port configuration
Good evening!

Do the main and secondary ports on the NanoBridge work the same way as the NanoStation, as per this article?

Thank you!

Jeff Stidham AL1Q
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This must be the NanoBridge

This must be the NanoBridge M3?   I didn't have one to test the changes on.  It's been a while since the implementation, so not sure what the behavior would be.   If you can install the current nightly build image and send a support data download file, we can see current state.  It should be a straight forward change to implement the same way, assuming it has same Ethernet chip set internally.  It might already work if it looks internally just like a nanostation.


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I recently flashed a couple NanoBridge M3's, which are...
...which are just NanoStation M3's with an arm and a reflective dish on it.
They worked great.
-Damon K9CQB
Yes, I'm referring to the M3.  I'll do a trial run, as Damon is ahead of me in implementation.  If they don't, I'll send the support file.

Thank you!

73, Jeff AL1Q

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