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NanoBeam M2 18dBi NBE-M2-400

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NanoBeam M2 18dBi NBE-M2-400

Hi guys.

I've found this little device at about 75€.

Before buying it... will it be supported ???

73 de Leo IZ5FSA
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Please refer to the openwrt documenation for the NanoBeam devices:

These are all 'XW' hardware boards of the newer design and cpu chipset, including this 2.4Ghz device.  Only the M5-300 is working in OpenWRT, and this is in the latest builds and not yet released.   AREDN support can be considered afer support in OpenWRT.  (We may consider doing this work for OpenWRT, but generally the additional effort is not going to happen given all the other things we also want to do.)    We are all in the same boat when guessing when OpenWRT will include support.  Note, someone spectulates in the OpenWRT ticket that their current builds will work for the NBE-M2-400.  I wouldn't go out and buy one just yet...

Joe AE6XE    

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Also, is UBNT rebranding

Also, is UBNT rebranding these 2.4Ghz models into the PowerBeam line?  on, i don't see a NanoBeam M2 listed.


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From OpenWRT forum last ~July

From OpenWRT forum last ~July 2014:  

"Ubiquiti has renamed NanoBeam line to PowerBeam line and added few new devices, most powerful model is PBE-5AC-500, radio chip is 801.11ac and antenna is 27dBi.'

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