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Naming Standard?

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Naming Standard?

In New England we are looking to grow our mesh networks and connect them over time. With that in mind and experimenting linking Mesh networks together by using tunneling i see a strong need for a standard naming convention and thought I would ask if someone has one? Seems like this should be part of the documentation at ARDEN. Changing the name of a node after the fact is painful so it would be good to get it right the first time.

callsign-type-location#-state  (type: H=home, P=portable, BB=backbone and the list could go on...)
example: NG1P-BB-Topsham1-ME (this would be a backbone node and the first node at this location) 

Another idea for a standard:
example: ME-Topsham-BB-NG1P1 (same as above juts in a different order. (This one might be better if you looking at the mesh status view to see State location first perhaps?)

What are others doing? I guess we may want to include country also? Lets make a standard and document it. I think a standard is key when you grow into other mesh networks. If your stand alone do what works for you.

Thank you Bill NG1P

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standard naming convention ...someone have one?


Node Name

Begin the node name with your callsign, followed by unique identifying information of your choice.
Node names may contain up to 63 letters, numbers, and dashes, but cannot begin or end with a dash.
Underscores, spaces, or any other characters are not allowed.
Node names are not case sensitive, but the case will be preserved on the node status display.
Amateur radio operators are required to identify all transmitting stations.
The AREDN® node name is beaconed automatically by the node every five minutes, so the node name must contain your callsign.
Recommended names follow the (callsign)-(label) format, such as AD5BC-MOBILE or AD5BC-120SE.
As a general rule node names should be kept as short as possible, while clearly and uniquely identifying the node.

(Bold is mine. Chuck)
Location can be placed into latitude/longitude fields and description can be put into 'Node Description' field.
"Changing the name of a node after the fact is painful so it would be good to get it right the first time."
Excuse moi. Change node name, save settings, reboot. Voila!
OK, maybe after a name change, remove node from the local network for 7 minutes.
( I think there is a fix for this coming soon in a nightly build. )
"What are others doing?"

Browse the maps. Hover over node icons.
I hope this helps,


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Re: standard naming convention
Thank you. I'll look around and see what others are doing, As far as changing the name yes that will be great if a bug fix is released. When I have changed my node name it also removes all services that I have advertised so I have to go back in and set all that back up. Also since I dont have access to all mesh nodes I have to power down for 10 minutes of so for all mesh nodes to clean out old info and the backbone nodes that are at repeater sites I have to go visit in person and power down manually. So yes that is a pain :) I look forward to coming up with a standard naming convention at least for New England. It will be great to juts look at the mesh status page and be able to identify things at a glance.

73 Bill NG1P
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Naming convention + Description field

There's not too much of a naming standard in Southern California.   Out here in Ventura County we mostly use "callsign-VC-location-5G".  Any other descriptive info can go into the Description field (e.g. "90 degree sector and Rocket M5 servicing east Simi Valley. Antenna bearing approximately 300 degrees"

BTW, you CAN remotely reset the advertised services after a nodename change.

To do so, ssh into the node  ("ssh -p 2222 root@<nodename>)
and issue the command

/etc/init.d/olsrd stop;sleep 7m;reboot

Hit enter to execute the command then exit out of the node with the exit command.

This has the effect of shutting off OLSR broadcasts for 7 minutes, then rebooting

NOTE:  If you're using Windows 10 but it doesn't know about 'ssh', install the OpenSSH option.  Information on it here.

Orv W6BI

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Re: Naming convention + Description field
Thank you Orv. Very helpful this is great info. I just tested out the command line option you sent and it works great. Saves me a trip to the hill :)73 Bill
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I Chicago we adopted
I Chicago we adopted "callsign-band-uid" so for example KV3T-5G-HOME, OR NS9RC-5G-PARKTOWER. That way, if you are looking at the list, it can be sorted by who, then band, then uid.

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