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I've got 4 laptops I want to connect to each other with N1MM for an up coming contest.  Each station will be around 200 foot away each other.  I've built some AREDN nodes (Ubiquity Nanostations) and they are up and running great!  I've got Mesh Chat working on a Pi and everybody sees the MeshChat.  Only thing I can't get working is N1MM networking for the laptops to see each other.

Do I need to advertise UDP port 12060 on each node and DHCP reserve the laptops for this advertisement?


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N1MM & AREDN setup

I don't remember the exact details of our setup last year, but I am sure that it did not take much to get everything gong. Give me a few days to talk with my partner in crime for this project and I will confirm the steps we took to get N1MM running across 5 remote computers. 

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Use a wifi access point,

Use a wifi access point, attatched to the meshlan of a single node. They all need to be on the same lan. The way you have set this up...You will need to open all the ports that n1mm needs to communicate thru.

I use a single chain higain sector antenna attatched to a bullet m2, for wifi site coverage at field day.

Kinda defeats the purpose of

Kinda defeats the purpose of using the mesh technology of AREDN doesn't it? I have long distances to cover and a single node won't cut it.

N1MM & AREDN Solved!

After much researching and trial & error, I finally got N1MM working over two separate AREDN nodes (two separate subnets) and which to share my setup for those wanting to try it.

First, read the following docs from the N1MM setup.  I will assume you have N1MM working on your local internal subnet (maybe 10.34.25.x) and now want to network across the WAN to other nodes over AREDN.

You will need to complete a DHCP reservation for your N1MM computer in your AREDN node (highly recommended).
Then, under the Port Forwarding configuration, you will need to configure the following;

Interface : WAN
Type : Both
Outside Port : 12060
LAN IP : IP of N1MM machine or hostname you configured in the DHCP reservation section
LAN Port : 12060

If you have more than 1 computer on the local LAN that you need to see from the WAN, the outside port should be 12061 (unique) and then LAN should stay 12060 as the N1MM listens on 12060 for networking requests.  This method is defined in the N1MM networking docs above.

By default, N1MM on separate AREDN nodes will not be able to see each other until you configure the following.

In the N1MM networking window, chose Actions -> Edit Computer Addresses.  
Enter in the Computer (NetBios) Name of the other computer you wish to network and the IP address of that computer.  If you leave the port blank, it will default to 12060.  To change the port to something different than 12060, enter in the IP as follows :  Insert your IP of the N1MM machine.

As soon as I did this on only ONE of the computers, they started to talk.  I'm going to throw in a 3rd computer on another node and we'll see what happens.  More to come...


A quick update, you might not

A quick update, you might not need to complete the port forwarding on each node.  Try and enter in the IP's for the computers in the Edit Computer Addresses screen within N1MM and see if that works for you.

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