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My node K8DVF-DARA won't appear on the map

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My node K8DVF-DARA won't appear on the map
My node won't appear on the map no matter what I try. (K8DVF-DARA)

When I push the "Upload data to AREDN Servers" button, the node responds with "AREDN online map updated". But it never appears.
Hardware: Mikrotik RB-LHG-5HPND
Version 482-1f28582
I have a latitude and longitude entered. (39.925437, -83.898125).
Using the "Show Map" button shows a proper map with the correct location indicated.
I have searched the map for my node name. and don't find it (K8DVF-DARA)
I am not yet linked to any other node. (That plan is underway, it is an 11-mile link. These things take time)
I don't have a Tunnel Server or Tunnel Client installed.
Timezone is set to UTC using NTP server
I have used the "Upload data" button numerous times over quite a few days with node reboots between tests. Some of the reboots were over 1-minute of power off.
I do not have "Allow others to use my WAN" turned on at the moment.  I have had it on.  I have security holes to patch before that is enabled.
I'm out of ideas, what do you think I did wrongly, or how can I further test connectivity?  It sure looks to have internet connectivity since the Upload data button returns happy data.


edit: FTR I updated my lat/log about 100 yards to the south using Google Map data.  New location is 39.92381, -83.89875
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My node won't appear on the map

Good Morning, Dan:

Those settings look valid.
I don't know why you are not on the map.

I've set up a tunnel server for your tunnel client for a temporary link.
I'm away from home and don't have your email address.
I'll be on the Springfield repeater this AM with the Youngs Dairy bike tour.
I am assigned between Urbana and West Liberty.
Hmmm, maybe the Bellefontaine repeater will be better?
I have both on my mobile.

Password: call me or wait until I get home

Server address:
Hi Chuck,

Hi Chuck,

Well, I have to say, the idea was to not bother you with this rather trivial matter.  I'll probably wait until later, I don't have a radio that can talk very far yet.  Or maybe it's the skill set or antenna.  I am tuning a J-Pole today, or at least trying to so you might hear me. I am in no big rush, really I was just dotting my i's and crossing my t's so that when the other side of the antenna went up I am as prepared as I can be. Enjoy the beautiful weather today, some day I'll be out there with you!
Thanks !!

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Can you go to the

Can you go to the Administration page on the node, and download the SupportData file and email it to me at
I'll take a look.


Cool beans, Thanks2!  OTW

Cool beans, Thanks2!  OTW

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