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My new AC devices seem to be in 802.11g mode.

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My new AC devices seem to be in 802.11g mode.

For both my LHGG-5ac-XL and SXTsq-5ac:
'iw dev'  returns:
ifindex 14
wdev 0x3
addr de:2c:6e:db:3f:eb
type monitor
txpower 0.00 dBm
ifindex 13
wdev 0x2
addr dc:2c:6e:db:3f:eb
ssid AREDN-20-v3
type IBSS
channel 145 (5725 MHz), width: 20 MHz (no HT), center1: 5725 MHz
txpower 10.00 dBm
multicast TXQ:
qsz-byt qsz-pkt flows drops marks overlmt hashcol tx-bytes tx-packets
0 0 217635 0 0 0 0 295059636 217635

'no HT' means 802.11g and SISO?
'HT' means MCS0-7 capable and MIMO capability?
'VHT' means up to MCS8 if 20 MHz bandwidth?
'VHT' MCS9 only with => 40 MHz bandwidth?

More output from 'iw' commands here:

73, Chuck

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Still getting 802.11g speeds on my 802.11ac devices

I have a

MikroTik SXTsq 5 ac (RBSXTsqG-5acD)
and a
MikroTik LHG 5 ac XL (RBLHGG-5acD-XL)
about 15 feet apart and, still, they link at 54.0 TxMbps.
I get better throughput on my 13.5 mile 802.11n link: Time Server Client Result  
12/3/23 1:40 PM NC8Q-HuberHeights-Centerville NC8Q-Centerville-HuberHeights 18.3 Mbits/sec  
12/3/23 1:39 PM NC8Q-Centerville-HuberHeights NC8Q-HuberHeights-Centerville 30.3 Mbits/sec  
12/3/23 1:38 PM NC8Q-LHGG-5ac-XL NC8Q-5ac 24.9 Mbits/sec  
12/3/23 1:36 PM NC8Q-5ac NC8Q-LHGG-5ac-XL 24.5 Mbits/sec
My MikroTik RouterBOARD LHG 5nD will link with both 'ac' devices with TxMbps => 57.8.
So my 802.11ac devices are receiving 802.11n speeds from my 802.11n device.
My 802.11ac devices will not try 802.11ac MCSs.

All 3 devices are running 20231018-d6f6c4b.

I was expecting to get 156.0 or 173.3 TxMbps.

What is up?

73, Chuck
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