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As my bullet has only one ethernet jack, is it a LAN or WAN?

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As my bullet has only one ethernet jack, is it a LAN or WAN?
Just acquired and installed AREDN on a Bullet Titanium M2, and it appears to be working, and have a tunnel client running as well.  But I may have it configured poorly?  I have the WAN disabled, and the LAN set to NAT, and the IP to mask gateway and DHCP disabled.  The tunnel works like this.  The only ethernet jack on this thing appears to be a LAN jack (when I first tried to set it up, I couldn't connect to it until I did a ipconfig on my PC, and found I had an IP address belonging to the LAN part.   I have it on channel -2 with a 5MHz setting.  

Is this the sensible way to do it? 

I've ordered a second Ubiquity mode, an airrouter that I'll flash to AREDN and put on channel -2.  It has a WAN and 4 LAN jacks.  I'll connect the WAN to my home network, and have DHCP enabled for the LAN and have another computer connected to this LAN so I can access the nodes I see on the tunnel.  I'm doing this with my Linksys AREDN nodes, but they don't do channel -2. 
The port is LAN.

The port is LAN.

To pull out the WAN requires a smart switch.

in general it's desirable in my opinion to avoid NAT mode unless you really need it.

here are some documents on the subject:

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