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"My Ad-Hoc Network" seen in WiFi scan?

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"My Ad-Hoc Network" seen in WiFi scan?

"My Ad-Hoc Network" is seen in WiFi scans.  Can someone please explain what this is?
I see:
 Hostname = shows up as "N/A"
          MAC = does not seem to be associated with any of the node devices
    Sig level = often equal to strongest neighbor node (but not always the same but within a few dB)

I see "The AREDN mesh is created on top of an 802.11 'ad-hoc' network." in the help file but I still do not understand.

Thanks, Mike

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It's the Wireless BSSID.  See

It's the Wireless BSSID.  See the Wiki at


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The "my Ad-Hoc network" helps for you and others to know which mesh networks we are talking about.   If there was another AREDN mesh network in the area using a different SSID, say "JOESMESH-10-v3", or even a mesh network with the same SSID, but it was just on the edge and not connecting, they would see you as a "foreign Ad-Hoc network".  They do not see your individual mesh nodes in wifi scan.   By comparing the unique IDs,  we can all know who we are seeing and talking about.

I'm seeing a "foreign Ad-Hoc network", "0E:E1:D4:90:FF:20".  Is that you?  Is that your "my ad-hoc network"?


Thanks for the replies.

Thanks for the replies.

RE: "foreign Ad-Hoc network"; I have seen that before but don't remember where. and can't find it on any of the many screenshots I have.  That is not our "my ad-hoc network" as it was 2E:50:7A:76:51:17 until an hour or so ago when I changed from Ch. 1 to Ch. -1 on the 3 strong stations here.  And now it is D2:B7:79:6F:2F:22.

We've still got quite a way to the the mesh here.  :)

Mike, AB4YY

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