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Multi Node TX Synchronization

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Multi Node TX Synchronization

Hello All,

To achieve proper coverage from one of my mountain top locations, I will have to use a pair of Ubiquiti Sector Antennas.  I am concerned that two NODES on the channel on the same tower will lead to them interfere with each other.  Is there a hook in the Ubiquity units to have multiple radios synchronize their transmitters with each other by communicating over the network connection?  If not, does the AREDN code support the utilization of the GPS feature of the Ubiquiti GPS Rocket  Radios?

Thank you for your time.


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The GPS units on the Ubiquiti

The GPS units on the Ubiquiti nodes would be used with TDMA in AirOS.  When both ends have a common time reference point, their allocated time slot can be more efficiently transitioned, distances can be determined, etc.   AREDN is using CDMA with the ad-hoc 802.11 mode currently.   The node's transmit is not based on a specific timed slot, so the GPS clock has limited value.

It would be optimal to use 2 different channels on the tower to avoid frequency contention altogether.  Consider smaller channel sizes to squeeze in 2 different channels if limited bandwidth.   We have 2 x 5Ghz nodes on a tower in the area with ch 171 and ch 149 in use, both at 10Mhz channel size.    We're seeing noise issues on ch 149, so looking for another channel at present, but not yet considering sharing the same channel.

Joe AE6XE 

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