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Moving to NE Ohio, who's on?

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Moving to NE Ohio, who's on?
Hi All,

I am moving to NE Ohio next year....thinking Chardon/Thompson area. I am starting to be pretty active in our Oklahoma AREDN group. I am an HF DXer and plan on a 70-100' tower eventually...will also plan on an AREDN Node on the tower. I don't see a lot of AREDN activity up in that area, even Cleveland. I understand maybe most are operating portable, not permanent setups. Just trying to make some contacts/Friends up there with interest in building a nice RF Mesh in the Cleveland area. Is there any talk of putting Nodes on local repeaters? 

Dan WX5WX  
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AREDN activity in Ohio
Dan, have you tried this map:   It's true, activity looks a bit sparse around there.  You can kickstart it :-)


Orv W6BI
Thanks Orv,

I have looked there. Chuck KP4DJT was saying he heard that it was a lot of portable nodes there. 
I def will! I have a great support group of AREDN masters here in Oklahoma to help me with all the stuff I don't know. Thanks for all YOU do!

Dan WX5WX 
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Moving to NE Ohio, who's on?: Day 4
Orv: "You can kickstart it." Apparently...kick started! I see 7 AREDN nodes in the AREDN map this morning. 3 are outdoor rated; Nanostation M2, NanoLoco M2, Bullet M2. The closest are 2.3 miles apart. Maybe they can start some chatter about AREDN on their local ham radio club's email list. Maybe one of them would be interested in what SW Ohio is doing with AREDN. 73, Chuck

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