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More throughput (and redundancy) from bonding possible?

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More throughput (and redundancy) from bonding possible?

Tinkering around with my indoor nodes and was wondering...

If I have a pair of 2.4 GHz wireless nodes and a pair of 5ghz nodes would a bonding switch work? Looking at 802.3ad/lacp it looks like a maybe. Allot of what I read looks to be contradictory so before I spend $$$ on a failed attempt and hours of trying I thought maybe someone may have tried already?

The concept would be for me or anyone else that has potential for multiple sites to bond the channels as a back-bone of sorts while anyone in the area one a single channel could accesses the node on a single connection.

So any input?


LACP/802.3ad is a Layer 2 switch technology. It would need a true transparent bridged link on all 4 connections and I don't think it would work with that either when I think about it more (it's designed for well-connected LANs). Our nodes are routed. It is possible to achieve redundancy with a 2.4 and 5Ghz links in parallel, but traffic will most likely always travel on one link (the better one), and would introduce the possbility of continual flapping back and forth if the ETX values are close enough. With a pair of external routers you could control this but then we're kind of beyond the scope of the AREDN concept and back to regular wireless.

What kind of bandwidth are you thinking about and at what distance? For true back-bone style links we recommend 3Ghz nodes which should have a clear channel and no "users" connected to it.


This was purely theory

This was purely theory crafting. Just tinkering with my nodes today and was thinking about helping a buddy trying to figure out how to trunk the 2 ports on his Nas and it just got me thinking is all.

I have had success outside of Arden with speedify and bonding bit I really don't think it's along the same lines.

Just sparked an interest and was hoping someone would save me the effort if it was a dead end.

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